A BIG shoutout to our new MAYTAG family for having 6e’s 416BEATS as part of their Toronto Launch event at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, downtown Toronto today 허큘리스 다운로드.  They had a great experience performing as part of your interactive show early this morning and waking up the crowd!:)  The atmosphere was energized, and the coffee was flowing latest Windows 10!  Thank you for the opportunity to branch out and do our first interactive video performance- Stay tuned for live footage & media from the event.

Next Up:  We have 416BEATS on the road as the Raptors Drumline Saturday night, as well as a small-team party downtown Toronto at a Carlu Corporate Event 운명의 칵테일 다운로드!

Contact us today to book a drumline for your next Corporate event today!